I am drawn to wood turning as an incremental process.  I believe that working in this way is analogous to how we live and grow as humans.  Finding wood, roughing, curing, truing, finishing; I feel as deeply connected to this process as I do the finished product.  The satisfaction of having finished something gives way to a void that I can only fill by starting the process once more.      

A finished piece is the result of exploration - not only of the form, but its relationship with the space it occupies.  Each piece moves on the lathe, and I try to continue that, looking  for movement in the final shape.  A finished product deeds on a dedication to focus, and trusting my hands to manifest what is in my head.  

Like most craftsmen, respect for the medium is of utmost importance to me.  I embrace natural features and flaws in the wood, working with them rather than trying to hide or eliminate.  I feel that I owe it to this once living thing, to listen as it reveals its story with each pass of the tool.  

I'm indebted to my family for inspiring my first tinkering.  Also to Josh Vogel and his shop, my 5 weeks spent there taught me more about design and discipline than I could have imagined.  I live in Tucson, AZ, and work exclusively with reclaimed wood.  

For all inquiries:  hello@jonmavko.com